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I developed an interest in art  and design from a young age and took History of Art and Graphic Art at A level. I pursued a career in marketing but then trained as an Interior Designer at Chelsea College of Art and Design and developed a practice in residential design in London.

I sustained my interest in art by taking numerous courses - in: portrait sculpture, wood-turning, print-making and figure drawing from life. I have now turned to 3D decorative art.

I am inspired by the world around me, from nature to urban landscapes, from graffiti to Guatemalan textiles and everything in-between!  More generally I am fascinated by pattern and repetition,  light and shadow,  colour, contrast  and texture.

My work is in collections in the UK, US, Monaco, France, Cyprus and Israel

I am happy to take commissions large or small. I can work to colours, themes, include client photos, memorabilia and so on.

Portrait Sculpture Example: "Kit"
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